Webedia Spain : Carrefour enters into a content project with Ibai Llanos

septiembre 20, 2021 - 
  • Carrefour is leading a content creation project in the house of Ibai Llanos together with 4 other streamers, through different actions in which the retail brand is integrated, to approach the young public by joining the new communication trends.
  • Within Carrefour’s agreement with Ibai Llanos’ home is the action that took place yesterday, in which Ibai and the boys were able to have a Carrefour hypermarket to themselves, and they ended up broadcasting the PSG match against Lyon from there.

Carrefour enters the house of Ibai Llanos-participating in the content creation project of the streamer together with BarbeQ, Ander Cortés, Reven and Werlyb- actively joining the new trends and communication platforms of success among the youngest target.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among a younger audience of the advantages and facilities provided by the distribution brand. In collaboration with Arena Play, Arena’s specialised gaming & esports hub, and VIZZ, the influencer representation agency of the Webedia group, different actions have been designed through which content of interest to the streamers’ followers will be generated and commented on in social networks using the hashtag #CarrefourConLaCasa.

 On Sunday 19 September 2021, Ibai and the boys from the house lived a unique experience in a Carrefour Hypermarket, called «Alone in Carrefour», which made available to them one of its shops in Barcelona, where they were able to play hide and seek among the shelves, race scooters and even broadcast the PSG match against Lyon. In addition, an iPhone 13 and a download code for the FIFA22 game were raffled off during the live broadcast.

The action was streamed live on Ibai’s Twitch channel, which has almost 8 million followers, and was a huge success, with more than 108,000 viewers following the live content and a cumulative total of more than one million views in the first 24 hours.

During the months of June and July, streamers Werlyb and Ander participated in «Mystery Shopping», an action in which they shopped live at Carrefour’s online supermarket and 48 hours later their colleagues BarbeQ and Reven received it, who guessed in another live unboxing mode who each product they bought was for, or cooked a recipe with Carrefour’s own brand products.

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