Webedia Brazil : How the pandemic scenario affected the demand for food content ?

enero 3, 2022 - 

To start the year off on the right foot, Director of Webedia Food in Brazil, Chloe de Trogoff tells us about how the pandemic scenario affected the demand for content on the topic from the TudoGostoso case.

The year 2020 brought great challenges and changes in all aspects of our lives. We have experienced new ways of working, studying, connecting and consuming, and this is redefining industries and businesses, with a direct impact on communication strategies, marketing and customer service. TudoGostoso is the absolute leader in the lifestyle and food segment in Brazil: 40% of all people interested in cooking were on our site, according to Comscore data. During this period, we managed to fulfill the mission of repositioning ourselves before the scenario, strengthening ties with the community and being remembered even more as the best partner in the kitchen of Brazilians.

It was very interesting to follow the changes in the daily life of our community during this period of social isolation. We saw that the kitchen became a place of entertainment for those who did not know how to cook and became inseparable for those who already cooked and saw this routine intensify. The restrictions to leave the house and the free time brought people even more into the kitchen and this is reflected in numbers. TudoGostoso had an increase in all the main KPIs in 2020, compared to the previous year. Our users stayed with us longer (+127% average time), We doubled the number of sessions and pageviews increased by 47% to 1.3 billion from January to December 2020.

We have also been able to reach new audiences, with a 33% increase in unique users in 2020. The overall consumption of this type of content has increased a lot, especially among men (+102%) and at both extremes of age groups, with +145% among the younger 18-24 year olds, followed by the 65+ profile, which rose 54%.

To take advantage of the moment of growth, we launched «At Home with TudoGostoso«, a channel developed especially for our users, with special, practical recipes including breakfast, meals, juices, snacks and desserts. The success was instantaneous: from the launch, in March, to December 2020 we had an 895% increase in users and 999% increase in channel pageviews.

We took advantage of the moment to promote a reformulation in our application to offer more video content and allow the creation of a branded channel for our advertisers, besides better integrating it with the content on our website. In the new version of the app, a recipe hub appears highlighted on the homepage, along with content such as articles and videos. The idea is to create actions for brands based on special dates, product launches and other themes.

With these valuable insights and the good results gathered during the pandemic period, our next steps involve continuing to be a reference in the market for those who seek inspiration in the kitchen and enjoy food beyond eating, as an opportunity to socialize with friends and family. We will launch new features on the site to allow our users to better understand the composition of the food they are consuming at home, and we will focus on bringing even more healthy recipes, with new categories, for those who are looking to eat better. In addition, we will develop differentiated and pedagogical formats to help further engage and educate our community.

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